Stolen Signals

This is the first in the side mission chain that includes Stolen Signals, Whistleblower, Kickin’ it Old School and Primary Target. You can find it by scanning near Coit Tower.



Hack the 2 Stingray devices around Coit Tower. This is a hell of a lot easier with the quadcopter, so we’d definitely recommend you get that before taking this one on.


Peak Data

Follow your waypoint up to Coit Tower then climb up the conveniently placed scaffolding as high as you can get on the tower, then send your quadcopter up to hack the final Stingray.


Permission Denied

Head for the waypoint beside Pier 39. When you get there, head to the restricted area section. To get on the roof you’ll need to take control of the nearby scissor lift and take yourself up there. As there’s also guards patrolling up there, the best way is to park the lift juuusst outside of the restricted zone, so when you climb out, you won’t be getting shot at.

Get onto the roof and take out the guards. Be careful, there’s also a dog around here that you can’t distract away from you, so be aware. You need to hack the security terminal at the ground floor to unlock the office that your objective is in, so send the Jumper down to take care of that. Once that’s done, head in and hack the terminal for mission complete and the unlocking of Whistleblower.




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