The Name Game

You can find this one at the gas station south of the Palace of Fine Arts


Wrong Answer

Hack the 3 payphones dotted around the map. The marker will only give you a general area to look in, so use NetHack (and maybe the quadcopter) to find the phones.


On the Line

Go to the objective marker and use the quadcopter to hack the device on the roof.


Operator Speaking

Head for the objective, go around the back of the house and climb up to the ctOS box. Deploy the quadcopter and hack the security router to start the puzzle. Head around the front of the house to see the switches you need to move. This is another connect the dots style puzzle and is easily solved, despite the timed sections. Once the ctOS box is unlocked, hack in and erase the DedSec data.


Rogue Radio

Head for the antenna mast. You don’t need to go into the restricted area, just send the Jumper in to hack the server box, then use the quadcopter to hack the dish when it’s ready, and boom, that’s this operation done.


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