Unique Vehicles

There are a few unique, and occasionally weird, vehicles scattered across the map in Watch Dogs 2, here’s how to find them all. As a bonus, the first one you find and drive will give you the A Ride to Remember achievement.


Danger Mobile


Yerba Beuna island. If you go to where this map shows, you’ll see it.


What: Heavy vehicle - A bright green ambulance that spews green smoke constantly.



Ice Cube

Where: Kirby Cove, in the middle of the forest beside a blue tent.


What: Sports Car - Bright red with a huge spoiler and decals.


Flip Wagon

Where: Just north-west of Painted Ladies, in an alleyway.


What: Standard - Modified Bogan van with a surfboard on top.


Rainbow Missile

Where: San Mateo, in the restricted area just south of the San Mateo text on the map. There’s a guard and a robot patrolling around it but they shouldn’t cause you too much bother.


What: Motorcycle - Bright red modified scooter.

Mountain King


Where: In an industrial park just east of Lakeside Park. It’s behind a locked, unclimbable fence. Easiest way to get at it is to take control of the nearby forklift, climb onto that then use it to jump over the fence to hack the terminal and open the gates.


What: Off-Road - Modified jeep that looks strikingly similar to the design of the jeeps in a certain park filled with dinosaurs.




Where: Next to the Nudle campus, underneath the building with the purple SVNR lettering on the side. 


To get to the car, go to the left of the SVNR lettering to find a vent on the ground. Send the Jumper through it until you drop out in a garage. There will be a car in here with a wooden board behind it. Hack the car to reverse it into the board and break it to reveal the security terminal behind it. Hack the terminal to unlock the garage with the Dangerzone in it. Head around the building to find the entrance to the underground car park and the car will be in on of the closed garages.


What: Performance - Fast and light car good for cornering and jumps.

Dark grey camo pattern.




Where: The Port of Oakland, in an open crate at the top of a pile of shipping containers, easy to spot. Use the vehicle hack to drive it out of the container.


What: Muscle car - Pick up truck with a flame pattern down the side.




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