This will unlock after you complete Stolen Signals.



Follow the objective to the house. To get up to the roof, take control of the window cleaner lift and bring it down as far as it will go, then use the nearby scissor lift to get yourself up to it. Ride the lift up to the roof then hack into the ctOS box. Move the camera around until you can hack the laptop to get the evidence then leave.

Now head for the other waypoint, which is the bank. Climb the scaffolding around the side of the building to get to the roof, then hack into the ctOS box. When inside, move between the cameras until you can hack the worker’s PC, then leave.



Head for your waypoint and hack the ctOS box when you get there. Hack the laptop, and whilst that’s downloading, hack his phone to buy yourself time. When Sitara updates you, hack his phone again to stop him jumping and to complete the mission.



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