A Dream of Ashes (Side Quest)

A Dream of Ashes (Side Quest)

This quest becomes available after completing The Lizard's Face.

Return to the Seer's house, and enter to speak with him.

He needs your help to save three souls in danger. Though it's not entirely explicit here, he's giving you the three amulets now- you only have to find the three people to complete his request.

The nearest is in Omorli Villa, where the endangered soul is being kept tied up on the patio.

Don't worry too much about stealth- almost everyone in the place is going to attack once you free the prisoner, so don't be afraid to attack them first, stealthily or otherwise.

When the goons have been cleared, untie the captive.

Lead him outside. While he'll celebrate his freedom the moment you leave the grounds, you may have to lead him a little further before you get the prompt to give him the amulet. He's not really wild about it, but he tries to stay upbeat.

The next recipient, the tunnel one, can be found at a temple construction-and-or-restoration site.

Here the marker only gets you to the tunnelentrance, it doesn't actually indicate the position of the man you're seeking.

Still, the tunnel is pretty straight forward. Light your torch and follow it under and over tree roots until you can jump up a wall at the end, which will take you to brick doorway.

There are five bandits in the room beyond. You can sneak past them, but it's easier an safer to eliminate them.

You can also loot their treasure chest, though it doesn't count toward any location goal.

Going through the room lead sto a cavern with a pool. Dive in and head for the left wall to find the chamber where your intended recipient has already met his doom.

Kill the cobras, with the hunting bow for preference, and lay the amulet on his body.

The final beknighted soul is being driven around in one of those chariot cages. As ever, an arrow to face remains a highly effective way of bring those to a halt.

Free the prisoner and carry her away. This part of the quest seems a little buggy- you may have to carry her quite a distance before you get the prompt to speak with her.

When you do hand the amulet over, she's also pretty ambivalent, but it does end this part of the quest.

Join the Seer on his boat. If there are hostile guards in the area, or Phylakes nearby, wait for them to disperse before beginning this part of the mission.

When all hostiles are gone, take the Seer out to the island he specified. Try to avoid the crocs and hippos- it is possible for the Seer to get knocked clear out of the boat, and he can have real difficulties getting back in.

Land on the island and dispose of any more hostile wildlife, then speak to the Seer for a task to retrieve a statue from the nearby sunken temple.

Tag it with Senu, then dive down and retrieve it from a sunken boat.

Return to the Seer and walk him to the ritual site, then activate Dawn & Dusk.

In a more more irritating then mysterious turn, the Seer disappears, leaving you alone with your questions, and mission completion.

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