A Pharoah's Hemset (Main Quest)

A Pharoah's Hemset (Main Quest)

A splinter quest from the King of Kings questline. For this one, you need to free four captives from the Siege of Dapur location in Hed Sed. It's highly recommended you do this in conjunction with the location treasures.

Come in from the southern side, with the large rectangular pit. Use the scrub to eliminate patrollers.

Use the rope spanning the pit to dropkill+chainkill the two guards.

Free the first 'prisoner.' Just opening the cage is enough, even if the bird refuse to fly out.

The commander hangs out in the ruin just north of here.

Use the parapets to get a dropkill on him, and any other hostiles likely to interfere.

The second prisoner (the northeastmost of the four), is in this area as well.

North of the prisoner cage (and over/around a wall), is a marked hidden passage.

Drop down to loot the first treasure from a small desk here.

Go down the passage of torture to the west.

Look for the cracked wall. You can pass through here to reach the other end of the hidden passage.

The exit is relatively well-obscured from sight, but you'll still want to put a priority on taking out high observers, then taking to the heights yourself.

The captain hangs out in this section of the ruins, And can likely be snuck-up-on or sniped from here.

This same courtyard also contains the third prisoner.

The second location treasure is just east of here, at the base of a well-respected statue.

Loot it to complete the location.

The final prisoner is front of the guardhouse, the highest and most intact portion of the ruins.

Clear away the local hostiles, and open the final cage to complete the Pharaoh's Hemset quest.

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