A Rebel Alliance (Side Quest)

A Rebel Alliance (Side Quest)

A mobile quest rattling around Saqqara Nome

The focus of this one is a wooden cage being drawn through the desert. As ever, the most reliable means of stopping it is an arrow through the head of its driver.

Shoot up or cut down the rest of the convoy, and free the prisoner.

You'll have to carry him out. The game may not prompt you to put him down again, so just get a few dozen meters from the cart, set him down, and see if you can speak with him. If that doesn't work, carry him a few dozen meters more, etc, until he gets chatty.

He'll then lead you to the rest of his rebel force, surprisingly close at hand. Mount up and ride with them to Bakchias.

Because this is a video game, there'll be an ambush waiting for you when you get there.

Fight them off (which is to say, kill them all). As always, an enemy fighting an NPC is an enemy primed for a backstab.

When they're all dead, regroup with Theodorus, and follow him back to his HQ in town. Here he'll tell you something of his struggles.

He'll also give you a mission to kidnap a scribe in Karanis- an elegantly dressed man with guards. Only two guards, though.

There are some opportunities for ninja-like stealth if you're very patient. If you're not, a few headshots will leave your target open- he doesn't even flee, just sort of collapses.

Get him away from the crowds and onto a horse.

Ride back to Bakchias, and place your abductee on the ground near Theodorus.

You'll discuss the state of play with Theo. The end of this conversation is also the end of the quest.

You can stick around and watch them pummel the helpless scribe for a while, though.

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