A Tithe by Any Other Name (Side Quest)

A Tithe by Any Other Name (Side Quest)

It's worth making sure our Predator bow ammo is full before taking this on. You can start the quest itself immediately after completing 'Serapis Unites,' just speak to the priest again.

He'll ask you to steal/liberate a food cart and bring it to the docks. Senu can help you locate it, moving eastward from the western gate.

If the driver gets spooked, he'll lead you on a merry chase through the city, so take your time with a predator bow to get the headshot.

Take out his guards and also any soldierly witnesses passing by before stealing the cart.

Your route should be simple- turn south, possibly backtracking west slightly, then down the slope to the docks. If you roused the guards, however, you'll have to deal with them first. The giant cart isn't exactly unobtrusive, and you can wind up with quite a following.

If you are followed, take to the rooftops where you can evade enemy fire, and kill soldiers one by one as they ladder up after you. When the coast is clear, talk to the priest.

The end of the conversation is also the end of the mission.

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