Absolute Power (Side Quest)

Absolute Power (Side Quest)

A late-game sidequest in Kyrenaika, one of the three that unlocks the Pax Romana quest.

Speak to Diocles, Praxilla's Cyrene friend, to begin the mission.

Use Senu to find Simonides, who's lying in the street.

Pick him up, and carry him to the indicated spot on Diocles' terrace.

Your new target is Leander's Villa. Note that the paperwork you seek is very close to both location treasures.

Come in via the roof of the shed built into the east wall. A beam here will allow you hop to a statue, then the central building balcony.

Guards do pass through here with some regularity, so use the top of the stairs as an ambush point.

When you've got a moment to yourself, loot the white chest by the desk, and the red chest by the south door.

This completes the location.

Read the documents on the desk to learn of Leander's sinister dealing, and the threat to Diocles.

Return to Cyrene, to find two guards out front of Apollo's temple, discussing their attack plans.

You can use the pillars to sneak by them, but you can also use the pillars for a sick chain assassination.

Speak to Diocles inside to trigger the attack. Don't these fools realize they're crossing the man who killed Flavius?

Speak with Diocles afterwards to complete the mission.

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