Achievement Guide

Story Achievements

These are unmissable if you complete the Main Quest.

  • First Steps
  • I'm Just Getting Started
  • The Sea
  • The Scarab
  • The Hyena
  • The Lizard
  • Wake Up!
  • The Crocodile
  • The Siege
  • Almost There
  • The End


Feat Achievements

Slasher - Kill Three enemies with one hit. The easiest weapon for this one is the spear, and the easiest enemies are hyenas or shieldless soldiers. If you use the spear a lot, you'll likely unlock this in normal course of play. If you don't, be sure to equip one for the well-populated hyena lairs during The Hyena main quest or Rites of Anubis side quest. If you still haven't popped this by late game, equip a spear and go back a low-level area. If your own level is in the high thirties, you should be dealing one hit kills- just wade into a hostile crowd and swing. You can stack the numbers further in your favor with the cursed legendary spear Sarissa, which you can get from Phylakes drops, Reda Quests, or Papyrus Riddle prizes

Smash! - Destroy 100 breakable objects. These include the cracked walls and wooden panels inside buildings, pots floating the water and strewn about enemy camps, and light fences & Ptolemy Statues outside. Prisoner cage doors also count, if you smash rather than unlock them You'll likely pop this during normal play, but if not, just head to the nearest fort and start smashing stuff up.

BOOM! - Kill thirty enemies by shooting fire arrows at exploding oil jars. Easiest with a legendary bow, like Deathstorm, which only shoots fire arrows. Your best targets here are going to be military and bandit camps, which are mostly like to have campfires and oil-grenades in close proximity.

You still need 8880... - Reach level 20. It would be extremely impressive if you were able to complete the game without popping this achievement.

The Arrow Whisperer - Kill an enemy from more than 60m away while controlling the arrow. You'll need the Enhanced Predator Bow ability for this one, but since it's one of the most useful abilities in the game, acquiring it is no hardship


Guide an arrow into a target for achievement unlock. it's something you'll probably do hundreds of times throughout the game.

Overdesign - Kill a +35 level poisoned enemy with a torch in less than 30 seconds. Thirty seconds is actually a long time in combat, so don't worry about that. Instead focus on being high level yourself (40 is ideal, of course), and having the Poison Dart ability (posioning them with a weapon before hand is considered cheating).

Raider of the Lost Tomb - Complete any tomb. Ancient Egypt has a lot, but your first chance to get this with being during the Hideaway Side Quest, in the starting area of Siwa.

I Can See My House From Here! - Seek out the Ra-Horakhty Mountain Top in the Black Desert (this is also a hermit location). Just entering the grounds pops the achievement.

Rider's License - Use all types of vehicle at least once. This seems to mean camel, horse, chariot, boat with square sails, felucca, rowboat, and cart. You'll run most of these through the main quest- check out the New Kid in Town quest in Letopolis for a cart opportunity, and the Wild Ride side quest in Kanopos Nome for a chariot. Any of these vehicles can also be stlen in cities around Egypt.

I'm Done Learning - Activate a Master ability. You don't have to complete a skill tree to get one of these, just the immediate prerequisites. Still, there's no hurry- even after you reach your max level of 40, you can continue to earn ability points by gaining XP. Most other skills are more useful than any one Master ability- they're meant to slowly increase your power for those playing well past level 40.

I Know My Land - Defog the entire map. Simple in principle- Zoom out the map, and wherever you see a befogged territory, cross the border inward until the discovery message pops up. This can be trickier on the lower levels, however, as even hyenas and vultures can be deadly when they've got twenty levels on you.

Master Diver - Complete 15 Underwater Locations. Whenever you see a question mark in the water, check it out. Many lighthouses are also sync points, which makes finding these locations even easier.

Overheating- Wander in the deep desert, around midday, until you start hallucinating. The hallucinations are random, so keep at it (or try again later) until the bugs fall. Desheret Desert seems to be the most hallucinatory terrain.

Namaste: Use Dawn to Dusk 30 times. If you don't do it during the course of normal play, just keep hitting 'M' until it pops.

Shadow of Egypt - Kill 10 enemies in a row without being detected. Easiest after you've met with Aya in Alexandria, and procured the Hidden Blade. Arrow kills count too, but you're a little more likely to get spotted by some random other foes. Definitely stay away from chain assassinations, which seem to be be louder than you'd expect. Note that there's no time limit on this one- if you're having trouble making it through a full fort undetected, think about hitting a number of smaller treasure locations instead.

Archer of the Month - Headshot kill an enemy with the bow while in the air. The Elite Ranger Skill is pretty much a must for this one (guided Predator arrows don't seem to count). Go for this one in a low level area (eg Siwa) to make sure even hunter arrows will be skull-piercing.

Defy Authority - defeat a Phylakes. At first these guys seem invincible, but later you'll be eating them for breakfast. Start with Ptolemy's Fist, who's sort of the cream-puff of the bunch.

Triathlete - Swim 1500m, ride 40km, and run 10 km. Another almost-certain-to-pop-during normal play. The activity you'll do least during quests is swimming, so you might spend some time paddling in the ocean to pad your numbers. It's a little more annoying to paddle in the lakes, because that one guy keeps offering you a ride.

Reporter - take five photos, each on in a different territory. Nothing says they have to be good, but other players will see them with your name on 'em. The nicest thing you can do with these to to take photos in out of the way locations like the hermit retreats, or papyrus riddle solutions, so other players know there's something out there worth seeing (shoutout to Mallyja).

Elementary, My Dear Bayek - Solve a Papyrus Mystery. There are 25 to chose from throughout the game, but the first one you'll get a chance a solve is the Long Drink riddle in Siwa (See our guide here).

Stargazer - Complete all 12 Stone Circles. The first, for Amun, is in Siwa. Apis and Goatfish are in the Isolated Desert. Osiris in in the Qattara Depression. The Great Twins are in the White Desert Oasis. Hathor is in Ka-Khem Nome. Serqet and the Divine Lion are in Iment Nome. Pisces and Tawaret are in Faiyum. Horus and the Scales are in Uab Nome. Check out our full Stone Circle Index here.

Words of Wisdom - Complete all Hermit locations. There are five scattered about Egypt- they each the have same special bearded-head icon, and the 'Find A Place to Rest' objective.

No two are in the same region, but you can find one each in Faiyum, Black Desert, Herakleion Nome, Paratonion, and Qattara Depression. (See our individual location guides for each on the main page, or check our Hermit Location Index).


Animal Achievements

Not counting the Order of Ancients, naturally.

Free as A Bird - Use Senu for a combined total of more than 30 minutes. You'll almost certainly get this during normal play. If not, just summon Senu and fly in circles for a bit.

Roooaaarrrrr! - Tame a lion. You'll need the Sleep Darts and Animal Taming abilities for this one, but after that it's easy. Find a lion (lionesses don't seem to count, for some reason), and hit them with a sleep dart. Approach them and hold down 'E' to tame them. They'll now follow you around like a friendly NPC.

Setup Date - Once you have the tamed lion from Roooaaarrrrr!, take it to a crocodile. The taming doesn't seem to have a time limit, and the lion will follow you pretty much anywhere (especially if you're not looking at it). Use Senu to find a likely-looking croc, and introduce them.

Run For Your Life - Run away from three fights with a hippo. You might well pop this just by running to and fro,accidentally crossing in and out of a hippo's situation awareness. If it hasn't popped by late game, seek out a hippo on the riverside, or in a hippo lair, get close enough to it to trigger an attack, then ran far enough to close combat. Repeat until unlocked.

The Circle of Life - Feed a predator with a corpse. Carry a corpse to a predator on land, drop it where they'll see it, then leave. If you have the Hunter's Instinct ability, you can leave it in their path which is ideal, otherwise you can leave it close to sleeping animals as well. The key is that they'll never want cold corpse when they can have you, so try not to trigger combat. On the other hand, sometimes an animal will come across one of your recent kills and just start eating anyway, giving you the achievement. Note that only lions and crocodiles seem to count as predators- hyenas and hippopotami do not. If you find a way to make the war elephants devour corpses, send me the youtube link.

The Harder They Fall - Defeat the War elephants Qetesh & Resheph. The hardest fight of the game, available in the far south of Uab Nome. You'll really want to be 40+ for this one- the tactics are generally the same as for a single elephant (strike at the heels), but one wrong step can result in massive damage.


Tournament Achievements

Ben-Hur - Win the first Hippodrome match: Nike's Winged Victory. It's a best-score-out-of-three type thing, so you don't need to place first in every race. The other racers are pretty chill in race 1, so save your boost energy for breakaways and ramming, and focus on tight turns to block off or ram other players.

Road-Rage - Destroy an opponent in a Hippodrome race. They don't let you bring your firebombs onto the track, so you'll have to earn this one through ramming while alongside an enemy chariot, or trampling while directly behind them.

Fatality! - Finish an arena boss with an overpower attack. You can replay arena boss fights, so there's no do-or-die on this one. Just get a boss close to zero health, then unleash the fury.

For Those About to Die... - Complete all Arena events in Krokodilopolis. This is eight fights in all- three fights leading up to the boss fight against the Brothers, and then another three leading up to the final fight against the Slaver.


Side Quest Achivements

Seven Farmers - Complete the Side Quest Seven Farmers in Uab Nome

The Festival - Complete the Side Quest Lady of Slaughter at Lake Mareotis.


Inventory Achievements

I'm a Legend- Be equipped with only Legendary Equipment. Note that this does not apply to your tools or to your permanent gear (your bracers, hidden blade, breastplate, etc.) The only things that count are your two melee weapons, two bows, outfit, and mount (So you'll need the Bow Bearer and Weapon Bearer abilities to hold everything.

The weapons are best obtained by doing Reda's daily quest, which often grants legendary weapons (and sometimes grants legendary outfits and mounts as well). You can get a guaranteed Legendary outfit by completing the Lady of Slaughter side quest near Lake Mareotis- a quest available very early in the game. The Legendary Mount is the trickiest- if Reda Quests don't work, you can either muscle through all the Hippodrome races (dull, thankless work), or acquire the Backstore ability and purchase one from a stable.


Reduce, Reuse, Recyle -Sell 100 Trinkets at once. This one is easy as long as you start early and keep looting. Trinkets are only found by ransacking the random vases, sacks, pots, and baskets around the game. Use you Animus pulse to ID these lootables, then just keep checking them as you navigate through the game. You'll easily get more than 100 in a single playthrough- just don't sell them before you hit 100.


Mega Achievements

Old Habits - Complete all locations. All of them. Which means going to every marked point on the map and doing whatever it tells you- killing captains, looting treasures, activating ancient mechanisms, taking strategically placed naps; whatever. Make this easier by activating fast travel points- each one you synch with will reveal all the map points in that area. Activating all of them will reveal all possible locations (except a few special ones tied to the main quest). Also scan the map carefully for places you've visited by not completed (completed locations will be somewhat greyed out on the map). Note that Ptolemy statues don't count as locations. Finally, make sure you've completed the main quest, and then gone to the new location in Memphis that opens up there afterward.

Earn Them All! - Get every achievement listed above.

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