Altar of the Guardians (Duat)

Altar of the Guardians (Duat)

An enemy-held treasure location in the Duat realm.

Scan for the hidden passage on the western side of this area.

Enter the indicated crack for an access point near one of the treasures.

The treasure is on an altar to your left. Sneak behind the guard or sneak-kill them to reach the loot.

Enter the main chamber, using the high ledge on the left (north) side of the doorway to remain unseen.

Follow the ledge to the roof of a small building. Drop down the unwatched side of this building and slip in the door to see the final treasure on a desk.

Be aware that there is more than one doorway here, so check your surroundings for inconvenient lines-of-sight before advancing. When the coast is clear, snag the treasure to complete this location.

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