Anthylla Outpost (Location)

Anthylla Outpost

A military encampment in the middle of Sap-Meh Nome, with one captain, one commander, and two treasures.

There's a secret entrance from the canyon of the Crocodile Lair northwest of the camp that leads to an underground rest area in camp. The ladder leading up is an ideal ambush spot during the shift changes at dusk and dawn.

When you've cleared nearby hostiles, the building with the first treasure is just southwest across the way.

The treasure itself is in a small red chest

Return through that same courtyard- the captain should be patrolling nearby. Snipe any archers still on overwatch, then take to the high ground to get the drop on the captain.

Do hide the body, as riders sometimes come through this section of camp at all hours, without warning. When things are tidied up there, you're going to be heading south for the commander and the last treasure. You might as well bear left a bit to enter the sleeping area here, and dispose of a few potential enemy reinforcements.

Pick off any target of opportunity among the perimeter guards, then sneak over the commander's building. There's a window on the north side of the building that you give you safe, sneaky access.

Assassinate the commander and loot the small box at the end of the table for location completion.

This outpost also has prisoners that be freed for extra XP.

If you haven't done the In Protest quest yet, you might take a few moments to clear the remaining guards, just to make that one easier when you return.

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