Aya Part II (Main Quest)

Aya Part II

With the Snake and Gennadios out of the way, head to the Paneion to rendezvous with Aya. Your marker is on the upper level.

Reaching it, and Aya, launches an extended cutscene, which marks the end of the mission proper.

At this point we rejoin Layla back in the "'real'" world.

Giddy with recent events, Layla can now sense Aya's presence. Follow the ghost Aya for more.

This leads to a leap down.

Aya's body is at the bottom- Layla will automatically retrieve a sample, though her preservation techniques are... inexpert.

Layla can now climb things. Climb all the way back up to the dig site. At the top you'll find another blown paper- the 'Best tv show in town,' note.

Walk through some cobwebs to reach the familiar part of the site, and re-enter the Animus.

A final cut sequence will play, ending with a new quest unlock- 'Egypt's Medjay.'

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