Bent Pyramid of Sneferu (Location)

Bent Pyramid of Sneferu (Location)

The famous proto-pyramid in Saqqara Nome.

There's an obvious entrance halfway up the western side, but that's no help at first If you were to go up, you'd just find a movable rack that's somehow blocked.

So instead, circle around and find the ground level entrance on the north side.

Kill the cobras just inside, and ascend the pyramid interior.

You'll reach a thatched-over section of wall- smash it to reveal metal bars behind.

You can't pass through here, but you can shoot an arrow at the giant pot on the other side of the bars.

This clears the blockage from the sliding rack. So now you can go use that west side entry. push the rack, and slip past.

Inside, you'll find the target red chest in a corner.

Open it complete the location

Note that this same room is an important part of the Rites of Anubis side quest, and also the launchpoint for the First Blood side quest.

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