Birthright (Side Quest)

Begin this quest in the embalming area of the Temple of Sekhmet (you may have passed through here during the Book of the Dead Quest).

Follow your marker to the embalmer, and talk to them to hear the tale of the bodies.

Travel to the date farm (be sure to pick up the papyrus from the Temple first- the answer to the riddle is at the farm as well). You'll find it infested by soldiers.

Despite Bayek's talk about laying low, you're going to end up killing all these soldiers anyway, so you might as well start now. The low walls make it easy to stealth around behind the soldiers, but you might make a point of sniping the one on horseback out front- he's the one most likely to see you coming.

When the soldiers are all dead, find Iras hiding in the well.

She'll give you the soldiers' home base, but before you head out, you might snag the papyrus treasure from its hiding spot.

When ready, ride to the villa.

It looks imposing at first, but virtually all these soldiers are stationed facing away from each other- once you hop a wall you can just sneak from spot to spot and apply stealth takedowns.

The captain will usually man one of the gates, but at night you can find him asleep in his tent, along with the lootable treasure for this location.

Deal with both to complete the location.

The evidence you're looking for is on a makeshift table outside a guarded tent. It seems this setup would work better with the table inside and the guard outside, but one tries not to judge.

With your new target's name in hand, you can either finishing ffing the guards here, or just sneak out. Either way you might want to snag some arrows from the watchtower before you go.

Sophronios is in a small, but nice little house just inside the western gate of the city. Hawkvision will reveal his many guards.

The positioning of the guards makes a total stealth kill pretty hard. You can either snipe them from the walls, or just snipe one, and stalk the rest as they run in circles around the villa.

Ending Sophronios, whether or not you kill his guards, completes the mission

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