Blood in the Water (Side Quest)

Blood in the Water (Side Quest)

A quest from the Informant Table in Memphis.

Catch up with Thutmose the Crocodile Hunter. He's usually on his boat, so you'll have to wade out to him.

Take a seat, and the two of you will discuss shared interests.

After that, it's off to the palace for some crocodile killing. Remember to top off your arrows first.

Use arrows to kill the markered crocs, or at least attract their attention. If things do turn to melee, remember the pattern of two-to-three hits,then leap back to avoid their tailstrike.

When they're all dead, head to Thutmose's digs in the north of town.

These turn out to be a small crevice/cave thing between houses, beneath the palace.

Talk to Thutmose to learn some awful things about the crocodile lures, and the location of two people responsible.

Both of these nefarious evildoers are aboard boats, so keep in mind your target will be moving. It is still possible to sneak up from behind for a stealth kill.

Or you can just snipe or attack them- they don't have backup, and are rarely near guarded spaces.

When you kill-confirm the second, you'll find a contract, and the Lizard's hand in all this malfeasance.

This discovery ends the mission.

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