Burnt Offerings (Side Quest)

Burnt Offerings (Side Quest)

Begin this quest by speaking to the marked mourner in the Theban Necropolis.

She'll tell you of her brother's desecrated grave. Which is at the top of the hill, so it's kind of odd that she's praying at this other grave, but there are doubtless reasons. In any case, go the upper tomb to begin your investigation.

Search the area for info, but the key clue will be a smith's hammer just inside the entrance, to the left.

Seek out the blacksmith, only to find Raia again. She'll tell you her blacksmith husband was just taken away by soldiers.

He's being held at the Desecrater's Camp in the Valley of the Kings. His cage is near the middle of the compound.

You'll have to escort him out, so you might want to kill a clear path first. After that, open his cage, free him, and run.

Speak to him when you're well clear of the camp, and he'll tell you of the bandits who stole his tools. They're in the Pillager's Hideout, toward the south end of the Valley.

The bodies have been burnt, but you can find Raia's scarab in the eastern firepit.

Return it to her to complete the quest, and begin A Sister's Vow.

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