Camp of Qetesh & Resheph (Location)

Camp of Qetesh & Resheph (Location)

An elephant camp in Uab Nome.

The toughest fight in the game.

In general, Resh will keep charging in for close attacks, while Qet's riders lob an endless hail of bombs and arrows. Putting Resh between you and Qet doesn't seem to slow this bombardment at all, so keep moving at all times. Things move fast, so you'll be doing pretty much all your damage via bows. One workable melee weapon is the dual blades- their adrenaline leap is a good way to catch up with an elephant on the go.

Focus on Resh first (you'll almost have to, with his aggressive maneuvers). Keep up a hail of arrows, stopping only to shield when Qet switches from bombs to bows. Remember that, even if you run dry and can't get to the loot bags, you can switch out bows any time that you're not actually attacking or being damaged.

When Resh goes down, Qet will become much more aggressive. Use the same strategy, but note that Qet's headswings are usually a multipart affair- don't just dodge the first and think you're safe. Finally mowing down this terror grants The Harder They Fall achievement, and completes the location.

You also gain a legendary bow.

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