Camp Pyrrhos (Location)

Camp Pyrrhos

A big fort with modest objectives in the Sapi-Res Nome region.

A good approach here is from the southwest (ie from the nearby fast travel point). The scaffolding here boasts a single guard who can be sniped without drawing attention.

Get close and scan the camp- the treasure is in the captain's tent, keeping things close.

There are a lot of soldiers here given the paltry loot, making a straight sneak difficult. Instead, use the area at the top of the scaffolding as an ambush point- you've got a lot of shrub cover and broken fencery- just lure guards over with your whistle and take them down.

The captain here is a bit of tank, so you may not want to wait to clear all the grubs before neutralizing him. You can either sneak clockwise around the camp to get behind him, or just put your predator bow to good use.

Fight/sneak/sprint/stroll to to the red chest in the captain's tent to complete the location.

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