Cat and Mouse (Side Quest)

Cat and Mouse (Side Quest)

The second in the Mouse questline of Kyrenaika.

As the quest begins, Mouse is being driven around the city in one of those chariot cages.

Headshot the driver, and carry away the Mouse.

Set him down a short distance away for a tale of murder and malfeasance.

You'll need to investigate the bath house. The doors are sealed- there are several open windows, but the one nearest the crime scene is at the south west corner of the building, on the west side.

Drop into the investigation area.

There are several things to see, but the plot advancer is noting that the body has been dragged away. Hop up on the north wall to see the blood trail.

There are five Roman soldiers in the building, but no heavies or shield carriers. Kill or evade them as you follow the trail to its end.

A note here will point you to the amphitheater.

The actor is already dead when you arrive, but there is an angry lion to dispatch.

When the fighting is over, investigate the body for another clue.

This one is also dead. For guy with a vengeance-killcount in the hundreds, if not thousands, Bayek gets pretty judgey here.

Unfortunately, you can't talk to Vesta at all, in this world or the next. Just step into the room north and cut the bastard down, then confirm the kill to move on.

Catch up with Smithnos hiding in some bushes, and relay the news to complete the quest.

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