Cat's Cradle (Side Quest)

Cat's Cradle (Side Quest)

A very off-to-the-side sidequest in Alexandria.

Follow your marker to a slaughtered cat under a stairway.

Investigate to notice the excess of blood, then investigate the blood-soaked haycart nearby.

Pull out a body and investigate that too.

Follow the blood trail north to a private patio.

Drop down to speak with the killer (a courtesy poor Vesta never got). Offer him a position that gets him out of town for a bit.

You'll need to accompany him to the city gate.

There are at least two scripted fights on the way, and unscripted enemies can be dragged into the chaos as well. Try to keep things quick. Khalid is a reasonable fighter, and can be used to outmaneuver persistent enemies.

Get a distance outside the gate, to speak with Khalid to complete the mission.

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