Chernsonesos Roman Fort (Location)

Chernsonesos Roman Fort (Location)

A large Roman fort in Marmarica. You'll swing through here during the the His Secret Service Quest, and possible the My Brother for a Horse quest as well.

As with all large camps, scan carefully, Note that two treasures are on the north end of camp, by the prisoners and in the command tent, and two are on the south side of camp, in buildings.

Start by hopping the fence at the north end, just below the watchtower there.

This is one of the most open fort layouts you'll encounter. You can put a huge dent in the guard population just by sniping the captain in the center of camp, and then sniping the people that come one-by-one to investigate. This includes the second captain.

Note that this won't work on the commander. He's one of those phylakes-tough characters, impossible to take down with a single headshot or stealth strike. If you can lure him to the extreme north, however, you can whittle him down to death without drawing a crowd.

When you've systematically depopulated this half of the camp (note the many arrow caches by your tower), it's time to get looting. If there are still soldiers on watch, slip into the command tent via the backflap.

Inside you can loot a carbon crystal from the desk.

East, toward the prisoners, is the next treasure- a white chest in a white tent.

Climb a watchtower on the middle wall to get a vantage on the other treasures, and the drop on nearby guards.

The central building treasure is a red chest in the corner. Use the high grass to come around the building clockwise if there are enemy eyes about.

A similar strategy applies to the last treasure building, to the east.

The red chest here completes the mission.

Note that you can free the prisoners in the north of camp (by the white tent), for bonus XP.

One of the prisoners triggers the His Secret Service side quest.

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