Children of the Streets (Side Quest)

Children of the Streets (Side Quest)

This side quest begins in the seedy south streets of Memphis.

Walk by the marker to witness an urchin stealing from a street vendor. Give chase.

He'll drop down a circular hole. Follow, but be aware that there's a bandit ambush below.

There are only three of them, and they don't really work well as team. Cut them down one by one.

When they're down, speak to the boy, who'll be waiting patiently.

His words send you to investigate a burned-out boat in the shipyard.

This is one of the sites where you'll need all the clues to put together the picture. Those clues are- a mast & sail fragment from the ship, on the ground by the water,

the oil residue inside the ship,

the smashed cages east of the wreck,

the oil seller (he'll clam up at first, but gently smash one of his oil jugs with a hunting arrow to make him talk).

This gives Bayek enough to recreate the scene.

The way forward now leads south, to the Apagogeas Hideout, where the children are being kept.

The camp is an uproar looking for the escaped children, so traditional stealth is tricky. If you're in a hurry, using the shrubby outcrop as a sniper perch is effective. Start with the captain, so as not to lose track of him later.

The loot for this location, as long as we're here, is in the captain's tent.

Your next clue, however, is the young girl hiding on the boat, behind some sacks.

Her testimony points you toward a villa in the city. The best entry and area of primary interest is the staircase on the east side, leading down.

Kill the two guards here. One will have a key that you'll need shortly.

Enter the basement and open the cell at the far end.

This conversation completes the mission.

Note that exploring the villa will give you some backstory on Gaia and her activities.

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