Conflicts of Interest (Side-Quest)

Conflicts of Interest (Side-Quest)

Another Sais bulletin board quest. For this one, head to the Sais market during the daytime to question the merchants (they'll all have the wadjet eye of investigation over their heads).

When you've talked to them all, Bayek will have suspicions. Wait until nightfall (preferably using your Dawn to Dusk ability), then follow the three evasive ones. They'll all walk together, and will never grow wary of you, no matter how close you get.

Their trail ends in a small building by the docks. Follow after them to find Zervos.

Your next task to is steal or destroy Zervos' boat. It's currently on the far (northwest) side of the Sap-Meh warehouse.

Approach from the waterside, and snipe the one guard right next to the boat (or sneak over and snikt him if you must).

Grab the boat and boost on out of there. Don't stop to fight pursuers- the boat is pretty fragile, and can't take sustained fire. Instead just make straight for the objective.

Dismount and talk to Zervos, who explains his reasons for not staging a coup. When he's done, the mission completes.

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