Coral Escarpment Camp (Location)

This camp is not related to any quests during your initial stay in Siwa, but clearing it out is a way to gain XP, and pass the time. As with Camp Shetjeh, your location objectives are to kill the captain and loot the (1) treasure here. Use Senu to ID both from the air.

Note that there is a special treasure slightly southeast of the camp as well, but it doesn't count toward or against location completion.

As for the captain, like other commanders he likes to do his paperwork come dawn, and this is the perfect time to take him out silently. Otherwise this is very low-level camp- if you're coming here after completing the story quests in the area, you can bulldoze the lot of them with ease.

The loot is a large red chest on a covered rooftop toward the center of camp.

See to both objectives to complete the mission.

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