Crafting Materials

How to Get Crafting Materials

While the materials you find during the course of normal looting will be enough to cover your first few upgrades, if you want your gear to be at its best, you'll need to actively search out components, especially to reach the upper tiers One method to gain materials is to buy them, via the Buy Materials Ability in the Seer branch of your skill tree. This is time-effective, but you're spending ability points and drachmas to do it. The other option is to hunt them down yourself, which takes a little time, but is doable, and doesn't really get ridiculous until the very top tier of upgrades. Leather and Pelts are found by hunting animals. Note that the skin of a Level 5 beast yields the exact same material as a Level 35 beast, so don't kill yourself hunting in high-level areas. You can also use Senu to suss out exactly how many unit of material a given beast will yield. The highest yields are always the gold-crowned alpha beasts in their lairs.

Soft Leather can be found by hunting gazelle, ibex and hyenas. Hyenas usually yield a little less, but on the plus side they run toward you, rather than away.

There is a great hunting spot for gazelle in the fields north of Memphi.


Pelts are taken from lions, leopards, and other large cats. The best spot for farming them is a fast travel point in Sapi-Res Nome, which was apparently a lion hunting blind.

There are often several large packs in the area, and they refresh quickly.

Bronze and Iron and Wood are found mainly in military shipments- being shuttled from place to place either by trireme or equine convoy. The convoys are easiest to ambush, particularly with the Predator bow- three headshots, then pick up the pieces. A good strategy is to set up in some high traffic, low-level thoroughfare, like the one running through Yamu on Lake Mareotis, and just gun down convoys as they pass by.

Another good spot at the higher levels is Krokodopolis, which is one of the few places where convoys just walk about on foot, making them easy to catch up with and dispatch.

Carbon Crystals are rarest- you'll usually pick them up in fortresses, high-level bandit camps, and Tombs. Know them by the small white jewelry-box containers they come in. They do sometimes appear elsewhere- Aristotles Shrine, Keno, and Burial Delvign are few examples, as are the unmarked locations in Herakleion and the Apollonia Docks that you'll pass through on quests. And while there are more than enough crystals in teh game to upgrade all you gear, you can speed the process by buying spares from Reda (but they don't come cheap).

Silica isn't a crafting material, but you should still gather all you see- it has other uses. There are about 100 pieces in the game, and you'll need to spend 75 to complete everything.

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