Crocodile Tears (Side Quest)

Crocodile Tears (Side Quest)

Start this quest by speaking to some shrine-goers in Yebu Nome.

They'll tell of a Sobek that walks the land. Follow your marker toward the water, where you'll find the injured avenger.

Bayek doesn't seem to think much of him, but give the man some credit for taking on a dozen soldiers all by himself and killing the lot of them. Level 45 soldiers, even. Anyway, he's too injured to continue, so Bayek is tasked to kill the poacher captain, who can be found at the nearby Hunter's Dock.

There are a number of hostiles here, including the captain's own personal guard. The quietest take-down technique is waiting for them to wander by water's edge, then quietly stab or snipe all three. When done, confirm the kill.

Return to Sobek-Man to find him being menaced by the captain you just killed (maybe you should have hit that Confirm Kill button a little harder?).

Penetrate this mystery by making your way to the Swenett Outpost, where the captain now resides. As in the camp, the quietest approach is to wait until he and his guard are in a less traveled part of camp, then wipe them out 1-2-3.

Super confirm this kill to solve the mystery, and complete the mission.

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