Curse of the Pharaohs I (Main Quest)

Curse of the Pharaohs I

The last of the Season 1 DLC takes place 4 years after the main game. Begin the DLC by checking your map for the guides who can lead you to Thebes, in the newly revealed Valley of the Kings territory.

Talk to any of these guides to immediately be transported.

Your arrival in Thebes is marred by the appearance of a Pharaohnic undead that starts slaughtering the townsfolk. This isn't a required fight- even if you leap into the fray immediately, the Shadow disappears in a few minutes anyway. So give it a go if you like, but there's no downside to not killing the Shadow, or even not fighting it at all.

After the Shadow returns to the afterlife, follow your marker to Aya's contact, Merti.

Merti isn't very friendly, or helpful, but she will point you toward the next quest in the chain- No Honor Among Thieves.

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