Curse of Wadjet (Side Quest)

Curse of Wadjet (Side Quest)

A snake-heavy side quest in Faiyum.

Follow your objective to a stuttering speechifier to begin.

Head north into an investigation area.

Smash the jar and kill the snake inside. Whoever's doing this must have explored a lot of tombs.

Speak to the brown-robed servant for a lead on the local shrine, and possible death cult.

This is Wadjet's Burrow.

There are no guards near the entrance, so you can drop down the near wall and just slip inside.

The place is full of snakes, but also full of oil. Mix and match.

This unholy cacophony may be enough to draw a guard, so be ready to ambush him, if needs be.

The location treasure is in the main chamber, in a red chest.

The info you're looking for is one the desk, by the wadjet masks.

Conveniently, you don't need to hunt the Caretaker down- he's waiting for you outside with two guards.

You can fight them any way you like, but a predator arrow from within the cave does swift, easy work.

Confirm the Caretaker's death, and resolve to rescue his hostage- the stutterer from before.

You'll know you're on the right track when pass a destroyed caravan- more of the Caretaker's work.

Your actual destination is Pannouki Hideout.

Expect a bandit ambush on the outskirts of camp.

Approach the camp itself from the south, along the upper ridge. The guard area here with the arrow rack has back-door ladder into the cave.

Inside there are four guards to deal with, including the captain. You'll want to kill them all because you have to carry someone out in a moment. Stealth or slaughter, but start with any sleeping hostiles first.

When the area is clear, follow your marker to the northern part of the cave. The captive is here, along with the location's sole treasure in a white chest.

You might take one last moment here to free the other prisoners as well.

Carry the captive out of camp, and set him down once clear, then speak to him.

This final conversation ends the quest.

You do get the Legendary Bow of Wadjet for your troubles.

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