Dasos Hideout (Location)

Dasos Hideout

A bandit hideout in Ka-Khem Nome. You'll go here as part of The Old Library side quest.

Scan the area. Ignore the main camp for now- the objective is actually most reachable through a rocky cave opening slightly to the south- marked by a stairs icon.

Leap down, and roust the hyenas that lair here.

That done, you can snag both the first treasure for the location objectives in the red box. This is also where the Old Library quest objective will be found.

Head to the mouth of the cave, assassinate the guard, and drag him back inside.

The captain tends to patrol the camp from one end to the other, east to west and back. Wait until he's headed to the bushes by the river to ambush him (no other guards are permanently stationed here, and the ones that are present are pissing into the water, looking the wrong direction).

Snikt the captain to complete the location.

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