Dead in the Water (Side Quest)

Dead in the Water (Side Quest)

Another prison-break style side quest, this time in Apollonia, Kyrenaika. Note that you'll have to fight your way out of the fort, so consider that when stealthing in.

Speak to the woman in the streets outside the barracks to begin this quest.

A scan will show that all the interesting stuff here - the treasure, the captain, and your quest objective, are on that same southern wall.

Climb up from the outside, and conscientiously trap the brazier.

You can see the top floor of the captain's office from here.

Climb down the ladder and off the captain if he's there. If not (or after you've killed him), descend the stairs.

This will take you to the treasure, in a red chest.

Ambush the captain on your way back up, if he's not already dead, to complete the location.

Go back up to the wall and sneak all the way east, to the corner with the mini target range.

Drop down and hop through the window here to reach the prisoner.

Free him, and fight your way out. Remember that guards in open combat with *him* can still be surprise-killed by *you.*

Be sure to clear all witness before leaving. Roman riders are constantly going up and down the street outside, and getting caught by one batch means being caught by the next a few seconds later, and then the next, and the next, ad infinitum.

When finally clear of conflict, speak to your rescuee for a naval target.

Senu will help you pinpoint this boat in nearby waters.

You don't need to steal anything from the ship, loot the navarch's body for quest items, or confirm your kill, so you can solve this one without ever stetting foot on board.

The Navarach's death completes the quest.

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