Depleted Quarry Hideout (Location)

Depleted Quarry Hideout

A bandit camp in the southerly mountains of Giza. You'll pass through here during a the Main Quest hunt for The Hyena, though culling a few guard ahead of time can't hurt.

There's an unmarked tunnel entrance almost directly due north of the map icon, right by the water.

You'll want to take this one, not only for ease of access, but because one of the treasures is here. It's in one a lower tunnel, and is situated almost exactly halfway between the tunnel mouth and the camp icon. Note that, despite the meters of solid rock, Senu can still tag this for easy searching.

Follow the tunnel into camp and, as ever, make for the high ground.

The camp is stretched out across the canyon, which means you can kill everyone at the entrance without alerting the camp proper. This is probably the easiest way to kill the captain, and prevent any of these soldiers from shooting you in the back later.

Loot the watchtower, then proceed into camp, keeping the high ground on the southwest ledge. Sneak-kill as you go, but watch out for blind corners- there are an awful lot of hostiles just hanging around here.

Clear out the ledges, which will give an overview on the sleepy part of camp, including the commander and the second treasure.

Snipe any guards that are still above ground level, then slink down to the commander's tent. At this point, all living guards should be facing outward, giving you an easy stealth kill.

You can just as easily slink over to the treasure tent.

Open the red box for location completion.

For extra credit, you can use your inside position to kill the remaining guards, then free the innocent civilians (just north of the commander's tent).

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