Desperate Gully Hideout (Location)

Desperate Gully Hideout (Location)

A bandit hideout in the Green Mountains. You'll run through it during the Pax Romana sidequest in the late game.

The camp itself is a round depression- captain and treasure on one side, the Pax Romana objective on the other (it's being carried by a bandit, so will wander about slightly).

Come in from the top, sniping any sentries that look like they might interfere.

Shadow the manuscript-keeper from above, until you can drop down on his platform and end him.

This gives you the manuscript.

Keep to the heights as you head to the treasure. The cave her is guarded, but the sentry will wander off from time to time, give you a clear in.

Loot the red chest inside for the local treasure.

The captain is quite the rambler, walking around camp and up and down platofrms. Shadow him until you have killing solution.

His death ends the location.

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