Dionysias Caravanserai (Location)

Dionysias Caravanserai (Location)

A sprawling military outpost in Faiyum. You'll come here after a prisoner during the Fires of Dionysias side quest.

Make you own approach from the east, sneaking through a hole in the wall at ground level.

The Commander is likely to be in this section, either asleep in the central building, or patrolling in front of the prison. Either a slit throat or a rooftop snipe are good solutions to his existence.

The treasure is in that same central building- dead center with a dedicated guard.

Slip inside and kill or evade the guard, then loot the treasure from the small box on the table.

The captain tends to hang out in the north walled-off section of the complex.

This makes him continually vulnerable to drop-kills.

His treasure is in a stall on the southside of that walled off area, ground level.

Enter to loot it from a large red chest there.

This last bit of loot completes the location.

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