Dioryx Megale Wharf (Location)

Dioryx Megale Wharf (Location)

A small but heavily fortified wharf in the Faiyum Oasis. Note that the South Moeris Trireme docks here every few minutes.

Scan carefully before your assault- there are more soldiers here than seems entirely reasonable.

There's a gap in their defense to the east, where a large rock breaks the fencing. Use it to enter.

Make straight for the near watchtower, and kill the guard there.

From your current vantage, the only person who can possibly detect you is the other watchtower guard. This isn't likely, but best to be sure.

Now you have your run of the camp- you can snipe or drop kill at will. However, given the sheer number of guards, it's recommended that you dropkill only if you have the chain assassination ability- to take care of unexpected witnesses. Also note the oil bottles scattered about the ground.

Try to take out the captain from a distance if you can- his shield technique is better-than-average. When he's dead, the treasure can be found in his tent.

Taking it completes the location.

There is also a cage of liberatable captives here.

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