How to get Drachmas

The first thing to ask is- do you really need them? It's certainly possible to platinum the game without spending a single centime at the merchant shops. The clothing you can buy is all purely cosmetic, the mounts are almost purely cosmetic (and you'll get a few from quests anyway). The weapons and upgrades you can buy are 'real,' but you'll be constantly getting new weapons as you struggle across Egypt, and almost anything you can do to increase your cash flow is going to increase the number of weapons you find, cutting out the middleman. But if you still want to spend time increasing your purse- these are the ways to do it.

1. Loot everything to hand. Use your pulse scan often, especially inside enemy buildings and compounds. Most of these only contain a handful of drachmas but (a) they add up, and (b) every so often you'll get lucky and find a couple hundred drachmas in one, or a legendary weapon. It's probably not worth crossing the street for a single vase, but anything you can snag in passing should be snagged.

2. Selling weapons. This is most lucrative and common way to get cash. Note that merchants generally don't care what level a weapon is, just its type and class (eg all most Common Shields sell for the same price). Rares and Legendaries sell for the most, of course, and the best way to get these is through doing the Reda Daily Quests once you reach Alexendria. These quests guarantee high quality equipment for quick and easy quests, plus a generous chunk of XP. Once you've done the daily quest, look for treasure boxes to loot. Almost any named location will have one, even if it's not quest-marked (many animal lairs, for example, have a lootbox stashed away some where in the environs).

There are also plenty just scattered through the land. When passing through a city or other complex area, check your Senu Sight from time to time. If your reticule is a flat white circle with a + in the middle, there's nothing nearby. But if the little white rings are moving and spinning, use it to dowse out the local treasure.

3. Raiding Bandit Couriers. This is a less effective but more consistent means of raising funds. Searching for weapons to sell has a certain lottery-like quality, but here you'll always know what you're in for. Use Senu to tag these couriers (they'll have a stack-of-coins icon over them in Senu-Vision), then ambush them on the road, or in camp as they sleep. Be sure to kill the coin carrier first (with a Predator headshot, for preference), as they're always the first to flee.

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