Drowned Tools (Side Quest)

Drowned Tools (Side Quest)

A Side Quest in the Theban Necropolis wetlands. Seek out the sad farmer on the porch.

He'll tell you a tale of dead brothers, deathless pharaohs, and damp agricultural equipment. Use Senu to scan for the latter- you'll find three spots worth checking out.

The first spot is the one with the most pushback- you'll have to fight off the local crocodile hordes to reach the underwater tools, mixed amongst other silty debris.

The other two spots are on the shoreline- you can retrieve them without even getting your sandals wet. One has a few snakes, but they can be stepped around (or mercilessly slain) with ease.

The other has some hippo guardians, but not many.

Return to the farmer with all three tool sets to complete the mission.

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