End of the Snake (Main Quest)

End of the Snake (Main Quest)

After meeting with Aya in Alexandria, you'll get this quest to destroy the last of the masked men- the Snake. It begins with a raid on the Royal Palace, in the north of the city.

Scan to pinpoint the Royal Scribe's office.

You can fight your way through the palace if you like, but the easiest way in is just to hop over the back wall there, next to the trellis. There is an open window on the second level facing south, but there's a lot of guard traffic there. If you're going for sneaky, it's better just to drop to ground level and enter through the back (east) door.

Head up the stairs and into the Scribe's Office, which will become an Investigation Area.

Note the scrolls on the table.

Then the fallen ladder.

Which should induce you to look up, revealing a key hidden away in the corner (you can't climb directly up to it- instead jump over from the near wall).

Use the key on the chest by the main desk to reveal your quarry.

Head to bath house to make your kill.

Inside, you've given up all weapons except your assassin's blade. The key to sneaking past the guards is the trelliswork connecting the high arches above. You can gain access via a ladder in the northwest corner, or just climb up a pillar- nobody cares.

Follow the platforms to the private bath, and a perfect opportunity for a dropkill.

Bayek is really not at his best during this fight, but he manages to get the kill, and shoo the Snake into the underworld.

The moment you have control again, climb up and exit the way you entered- guards will rush the private bath mere seconds later.

Definitely take the ladder this time- you can't use the outside door while in combat, so you'll want to slip by unseen, rather than sprinting for it. Just pick your moment and exit the baths to play a cutscene and complete the mission.

You also unlock Bayek's towel costume, if adventuring in bathwear is your thing.

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