Exploring Siwa


Apart from sidequests, you can also gain XP in Siwa by finding new areas, syncing with fast travel points, and fulfilling minor objectives.

One point of interest isyour old watchtower, situated behind the fort, overlooking the town. Access it easily via the 'ramp' of stone behind it. Up top you'll find some minor loot, and 'discover' Camp Shetjeh if you haven't already. You'll also be able to establish a fast-travel point here, complete with the traditional leap of faith.

Another old haunt to check out is your old house, marked as 'Home' in your compass marker. Despite your earlier camelback conversation, there are things for you here. Bash in any of the barricaded doors to gain entry.

Inside you'll find some minor lootable, and box marked with the tiny circle which denotes a Quest Item. Open this to gain a Level 3 sword (that will be handy for your upcoming Level 3 missions), and a memento of the past. Doing this completes the Home location, granting more XP.

Another fast travel point is the taller pigeon tower.

Climb it and sync with Senu to take the point and gain some XP.

You can also destroy the statue of Ptolemy, marked by a Nemes Crown (the King Tut style headdress) on your map. It will probably take a few hits to go down, and soldiers will attack if they catch you at it, so you may want to wait until dusk or later for your vandalism. Completing these bits of civic exploration and improvement grant XP, and make you an even more formidable warrior.

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