Family Reunion (Side Quest)

This is quest available from that table full of papyri you saw in the prologue- letters from townsfolk in need of aid. This one is technically a Level 2 quest, but it takes place right next to a heavily guarded Level 5 quest area, so watch your step.

The area in question is the Temple Of Amun. Use Senu for an overview of the area- you'll notice lots of guards up top, but few by your actual objective. If you're already levelled up, you might plow straight through, otherwise bear east, and approach the prison from the stone ramp there.

There are no guards by the prison itself- unlock the door, but find that the object of your quest is already dead.

Carry him out the way you came in. As soon as you're on the road, summon your camel and hoist him aboard.

To avoid soldierly entanglements, you'll want to take the long way 'round again, but eventually you'll fetch up at Teremun's farm. Talk to the quest-marked person to find that things aren't great here either.

Take the body of Teremun from your camel and place it with those of his family, to complete the mission.

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