Finding More Carbon Crystals

Misc Carbon Crystals

There are more loose carbons crystals lying around the Sinai than you'll find in most of Egypt. If you don't want to pay Reda's exorbitant rates, a few places you can check out are-

  • In the bandit camp north of the Sobek stone circle.

  • Underwater as you pass through the bandit camp in 'The Setting Sun' story quest.
  • The secret room in the Temple of Thoth, as you go through the 'Shards From a Star' side quest.
  • In Gamilat's tent, during 'The Greater Good' story quest.

  • In the cave where you're standing after completing the story mission.

  • In the unmarked rebel outpost in Klysma Nome, overlooking the Walls-of-the-Ruler.

  • The unmarked rebel outpost in Arsinoe Nome

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