Fish out of Water (Side Quest)

Fish out of Water (Side Quest)

A sidequest that begins in the Mooncurser Village of Yebu Nome.

Speak to the wounded man in the village, then follow your marker to the nets, and the obvious ambush.

Go to the plot marker to trigger the attack, then dispatch the three undistinguished soldiers, and speak to the fisherman.

He'll tip you off about the Steward's villainy. Try to warn the merchant, but you're too late.

It's not clear why the Steward pins this on Bayek- the merchant had intended to revisit the Steward anyway, but there's no time for that now. Instead, it's time for vengeance. Seek out the Steward in the Ship Construction Camp.

The crane makes an excellent way to traverse the camp without being spotted. Track or lure the Steward to quiet corner where you can take out him and his henchmen. If he avoids the quiet corners, consider making some by taking out nearby guards.

Confirm the kill to complete the mission. This also unlocks the sidequest Laid to Rest.

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