Flea of Cyrene (Side Quest)

Flea of Cyrene (Side Quest)

A simple enough side quest in Kyrenaika.

The quest activates as you draw close to the fast-travel point atop the Temple of Zeus.

Sync, dive, and emerge back on land to find a boy who's thrilled with your feat.

Which leads one to wonder why no one else across all of Egypt has been similarly impressed, but perhaps they're all just too polite to say anything. In any case, your young friend will lead you on a tour of Cyrene, asking you to jump from local landmarks. Next up is the bath house.

Then the Apollonion.

And finally the Akropolis.

You won't need to infiltrate the whole complex, but you may need to brutally murder any guards in the tower. Still, it's for the kids, right?

Speak with Esio a final time after the leap to complete the quest.

You can speak him with one last time after that, to learn that his sister totally thinks you're babelier than Diocles. Which, of course, you are.

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