Forging Siwa (Side Quest)

Forging Siwa (Side Quest)

This one pops automatically as you pass through the black market of Euhemeria, in Faiyum, and overhear talk of rare Siwan artifacts for sale.

Scan for the stall to find it near the outer gate.

This is technically an investigation area, but there are only two things to do- examine the figurine on the front table,

and talk to the young girl running the shop.

She'll take you to her camp, and after much talk you'll arrive to find her mother being menaced by bandits.

Predator arrows are a quick, easy, in-character way to resolve the situation.

When the bandits are down, free the mother.

The ensuing conversation ends with mission completion.

You also get a Legendary Sickle Sword - Imitation Siwan Khopesh. It's a cursed blade (high damage, and your maximum health is reduced by two thirds), but not a useless one.

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