Funeral Parlor (Duat)

Funeral Parlor (Duat)

A large enemy-held building in the Duat realm. You'll be by for an assassination mission during the God's Spark portion of the Shield or Blade sidequest.

As is often the case with jackalman contruction, the upper levels and pillartops are unpatrolled. Gain access to this height by crawling up the west side of the building, or any other unwatched stretch of wall.

One treasure is on the upper level in this western section, overlooking the Funeral Parlor store. This is also conveniently close to where the commander likes to hang out- loot one and kill the other before moving on. The treasure itself is in a red chest at the base of pillar

Return to the heights, and head inside via the high windows.

Use the balcony to manage nearby threats, then look for the other treasure on the floor level, behind a large statue, just down from a break in the balustrade at a meditation shrine.

The treasure itself is a box of carbon crystals.

The remaining officer often wanders between here and the eastern porticoes. Ambush or snipe them to complete this location.

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