Great Pyramid of Giza (Location)

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Easy to spot, but a little hard to get to, this fast travel point requires Bayek to climb up the slightly-too-smooth limestone shell of the pyramid. You can jump from crack to crack, but a missed leap send you sliding back down. The key, especially near the top, is to be patient. Bayek likes to stay in motion, chaining one leap into the next, but you'll some times leap straight when you wanted to go diagonal, etc. Wait until Bayek has come to a stop on his current handhold before carefully aiming and leaping to the next.

The capstone itself is grooved enough to be no trouble- climb the last little bit up to secure the point.

There's no Leap of Faith here, but Bayek does wonder about the camp near you as you slide down the side. It doesn't seem to be a marked location, but it is hiding an archer ambush.

Note also that there are treasures and a staircase clearly visible to Senu within the pyramid, but entry is initially blocked to you.

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