Hideaway (Side Quest)

On the far side of a rocky hill near town, you'll find a waiting child, who tells you of a lost child. You'll automatically shoo the former and get a quest to save the latter. Enter the cavern here to uncover a new location- Mountain of the Dead Tomb (if only we'd gotten here earlier, that Tomb might still be alive).

Pull out a torch and loot these two rooms. As ever, use your vision pulse to ID lootable- blue triangles indicate documents to read. When your pockets are full, note the scarab-infested wall left of the entrance.

Bust through to reveal some small, lootable chambers, and a metal door which reveals your goal, but which you can't get through.

Go back to the small room immediately after the scarab wall, and go up, then hang a left.

Loot what you can, then note the large slideable blocks on little wooden platforms. They too are highlighted by the little triangles. Grab them to move them.

One you can slide away easily- do so and loot the room after. The other requires you to smash the pots on the platform. Do that, then drop down to join Chenzira.

Loot the room, but take special note of the tablet here. While saving Chenzira is your quest goal, finding this tablet is the goal of this location. It also grants you an extra Ability point, and those are always handy.

Go through the tunnel indicated by Chenzira. Drop your torch when you see the light

Immediately outside is the hyena pack- mostly lvl 2 with a lvl 4 leader. They like to split up and flank you, so keep dancing around your target, to deny the others a clear angle of backbiting.

When they're all dead, the quest completes.

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