House of millions of years of Usermaatra-stepenra (Location)

House of millions of years of Usermaatra-stepenra (Location)

An eccentrically named enemy outpost southeast of the Temple of Hatshepsut.

Specific tactics are tricky here, because this outpost is being constantly attacked by raiders, who wash in and out like the tide. Whatever the circumstance, though, the key to victory is the network of ropes and pillar tops that cover the whole complex.

Use these to get the drop on enemy officers, no matter where they scurry to.

You can also use them to easily reach the treasures. One is on the center-west side of the compound, in a large red chest.

The other is just lying on a bench in the center of the compound. Snag it to complete the location.

There is also a civilian to free, but he's caged in with a hostile, so be prepared for some quick assassinating once you open the cage door.

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