Idol Hands (Side Quest)

Idol Hands (Side Quest)

A side quest that appears in the Colossus of Memnon location, in the Theban Necropolis.

Ride out to see a priest trapped atop a statue. Make your way over, killing as many crocs as required.

He entreats you to get rid of the other crocs without killing them. The game doesn't care if you kill them or not, but it is possible to clear the area non-lethally by taming each of the crocs in turn and luring them far away before releasing them, and fleeing back to the Colossus.

Either way, clearing the the area inspires the priest to take a leap of faith.

He's fine, and you get a marker to rescue his fellow priest. There are some riding bandits between you and him, but they're just regular riding bandits. Dispatch them and talk to priest #2 to learn of the statue's whereabouts, and his own plans for its recovery.

Follow your marker to a cave so minor it doesn't even get a name.

It has two entrances, but if you take the plot-marked one in, you can silently backstab everyone in turn.

Retrieve the idol, and follow the trail of the two priests up to the Shrine of Amun.

Speak with the two to learn of further problems. These can be dealt with by killing the three lions in the area.

Their deaths permit the ritual, and complete the mission.

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