Jaws of Sobek (Side Quest)

Jaws of Sobek (Side Quest)

Follow your marker to a disreputable looking building in the far southeast of Krokodopolis, in Faiyum Oasis.

Note the bloodsmears by the front door, then hop up to the roof for a closer look.

The room becomes an investigation area- you'll need to examine all clues to proceed. Those clues are the hanging crocs,

the sloppy mummy on the table,

The stash of mummies on the floor,

And the chest of gold in the corner.

All this data allows Bayek to recreate the scene.

Follow your marker north to dock,and find two guards about to slay a priest. The guards are venal, but conveniently unobservant.

When they're dead, free the captive priest.

He tells you of the cult's plans, and asks you to consider not spilling anymore blood. Not likely.

Use Senu to tag the cult's trireme, which sails back and forth in these waters.

As always, boarding from the stern serves up some easy assassination opportunities.

When the way is clear, sneak into the command tent for the ship's manifest, on a shoddy wooden table there.

This leads you, in turn, to the Trireme Stranding Camp.

Approaching from the water puts you in good position to pick off the outer guards.

Work your way around the outside, southerly edge of the camp, until you can enter the captain's tent from the backflap.

Once inside, the oblivious captain is to your left, waiting to be assassinated.

Read the papers on his desk to complete the mission.

Loot the red chest at the other end of the tent to complete the location.

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